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Miller Graphics



Miller Graphics is an independent graphic design studio with over 25 years of direct response advertising experience. Miller Graphics is a proven source of cost-effective design solutions for higher end agencies — combining low cost, rapid turnaround, and exceptional creative work.  Advertising budgets are tight … Spend them wisely.

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of each creative assignment is getting the best possible results. We understand this, and adhere to a philosophy of combining proven creative techniques with superior innovation — for powerful results. Our design is crisp and on target. Plus we understand and work within your marketing budget, and we excel at quick turnarounds.

We know direct response marketing. The many “dos and don’ts” of the industry. We also understand the technical and the cost factors. The mailing guidelines. The production requirements. And we’re quick studies in getting to know your specific product or service in detail, so we can sell the true consumer benefits to your prospects.

To this end, understanding fully the clients objective, their market and to do what needs to be done — Bring in results.

Advertising firms like to view themselves as "thinking outside the box" in their creative and marketing approaches. I disagree with this concept. Thinking outside the box may find the client with some great conceptual ideas but to often the "Results" the client wishes to achieve are overshadowed by aggressive campaigns that overlook the clients initial goal "to bring in results". The final outcome: Money outflow exceeds money inflow.


At Miller Graphics we approach direct response marketing from a more sensible standpoint. We value "the box".
We want to understand the box, to take the box apart, study it and put it back together again, to meld with the box,
to assimilate the box, to become one with the box, to be “the box”!

The client knows their product and market best.  Miller Graphics knows best how to get their product to their market!

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