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Direct Mail


Newsletters, Flyers, and other Assorted Advertising Pieces.

Animated Banner Ads

emails, Banners, PURLS,
Web Page Concepts
Auto Banners and Ads, Storyboards


The Booth Bay Group was tasked with the challenge of creating buzz within the technology circles related to Sungard’s disaster recovery services. Sungard was known as the “Grandfather” of the tech sector and had the reputation for being overly conservative and a bit stodgy. Our goal was to change that perception by creating a campaign that was outside the box. We developed a unique program to reach the writers at well-read tech publications with a completely different take on the traditional press kit. We leveraged the “hot” trend of Zombie infatuation that was sweeping the nation at the time. The multi-step campaign received rave reviews from not only the press and SunGard, but also from B2B Online and the DMA, winning multiple creative awards!

Andrew Miller - DMA winner for Talent

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